This is how we do

We are a quickly evolving interactive studio from Durban,South Africa focused on Web Design, Web Apps, Mobile Apps,Dektop Apps, Graphic Design and networking. We offer entire solutions and long-term technical support in these areas. We enjoy cooperating with ambitious startups and developing the kind of products users love. Stay tuned!



Brand development, UI/UX design, Graphics design, Web design



Frontend/Backend development, Mobile Apps, Web Apps, Dektop Apps


Final Product

long-term technical support and administration

Michal Boháč

Our Aim

Ultimate Dev will always aim at improving the quality of our products by exploring innovative solutions and new technology. Making technology an asset for business not a problem. A technology partner, when client business grows ours will also grow, we’ll work hand in hand with customer to support client’s growth.


We will fight

Think IT, We'll Code IT.

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Web And Mobile Development

We aim at developing software’s that will take
your entire organization to the next level.

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Graphic Design

From logo development, packaging, environmental design,
annual reports to national campaigns
- our focus is to ensure the audience is listening.

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Web Design

We believe that websites are our client’s portals to the world,
and as such they should be engaging, informative and inspirational.